Embracing multi-domain integration & interoperability

Embracing  multi-domain integration & interoperability

The future battlespace will be complex. To represent the principles of multi-domain integration and interoperability demands a level of subject matter expertise with an intelligent and creative approach to communicating technological advantages, sophisticated capabilities, and hybrid defence approaches.

The future battlespace is as much a digital space as it is a physical place. Fortunately, we are experts in the art and practice of the ‘phygital’ environment.

We involve filmmakers, sound designers, art directors, motion graphics designers, and data visualisers; all are working together to disrupt the tropes and clichés that the defence industry depends on when attempting to articulate the emergence of the multi-domain.

Reinventing the language used to represent the future battlespace

Dynamic story telling to simplify the underlying complexity of multi-domain integration & interoperability (MDI)

Accessing MDI on the trade show floor

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