Extending the reality of the world we sense around us

Extending the reality of the world we sense around us

We supported our clients over decades in collaboration with the advancement of experiences that permit the physical and digital domains to cohabit for mutual benefit. For a long time now, an event has not existed in isolation from its own virtual shadow.

Evolution is an ongoing process, and for some time, change within the experience economy has seen unprecedented acceleration.

M has brought together its network of digital facilities and services from around the world to provide for events that are predominantly virtual in nature yet still operate with the best practice that has enabled physical events to thrive. Our innovative offerings leverage a combination of event disciplines, from pre-event awareness to content generation, delegate registration and streaming services. Our approach brings everything together to create a digital destination that allows our clients to conduct business across a new type of face-to-face domain.

Vodafone metaverse technology showcases

SES Sales Kick-Off international event transformed to become a virtual event spanning five time zones and reaching over 400 remote senior managers across three days of activity

United Nations We the People global event delivered via the M XR studio environment and streaming platform

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