Faster, higher, stronger. Looking up, touching down

Faster, higher, stronger.  Looking up, touching down

The official ceremony to celebrate the official handover of the first Qatar Emiri Airforce Typhoon. M transformed the 1930s aircraft hangar and built a floor-standing circular screen around the plane.

The space became an immersive experience whereby the static Typhoon aircraft appeared to fly over the Qatari World Cup stadia in formation with other aircraft.

The event was a feat of blending CGI, footage, motion graphics and archival materials to enable the audience to feel a flypast featuring the aircraft in front of them. All the while enveloped in spatial audio.

The UK Secretary of State for Defence joined fellow dignitaries to experience a remarkable and immersive aircraft launch event.

Live event launch

Lighting and laser effects

Cinematic CGI & immersive sound and picture

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