Improving the lives of three billion people a year by 2025

Improving the lives of three billion people a year by 2025

The opportunity to support Philips with its e-healthcare story is one of M’s most recent partnerships. 2017 saw the start of M working with Philips globally. The first delivery was seen at Berlin’s IFA event, and due to the success of the inaugural project, M returned with Philips to land one of the show’s most impactful experiences.

We have also delivered scalable exhibit solutions for all of Philips Healthcare UK needs, including small and mid-size occupancy.

The scope of delivery now extends beyond the built environment. We consult on spaces and experiences that elevate the Philips healthcare continuum vision to engage deeper with audiences, from customers to corporate tourists. The output of such responsibilities is a unique fusion of corporate strategy, architecture, content and interaction.

Engaging with healthcare practitioners

Co-creation & learning spaces with multi-use design

Activating at one of the world’s largest trade shows, IFA Germany

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