Extended Reality: Qatar Typhoon Roll Out

To spectacularly launch the Qatari Government’s investment in a Typhoon aircraft fleet and to give the audience the impression that the aircraft in front of them was in flight.

Extended Reality: Qatar Typhoon Roll Out

Magical Moments.

M specializes in extended reality, using CGI and wrap-around LED screen tech. Our expertise crafted magical moments during the event: the Typhoon aircraft seemed to take off, fly over the audience, and perform a multi-plane flypast at the Qatari World Cup Final stadium.

M's digital tools handled all flying sequences and aircraft animation, without real-world footage, within our cinematic moving image simulation production tools.


Computer Generated Imagery | Motion graphics | Sound design | Multiscreen programming | Extended reality digital screen technologies.


Enabled a static Typhoon aircraft to barrel-turn within a hangar | Creation of a realistic film flypast over Qatari World Cup stadia.

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